Glastonbury Child Custody Enforcement Lawyer

When parents divorce or separate, the court issues custody and visitation orders for their children. Although custody and visitation orders are legally enforceable, sometimes one or both parents do not follow these arrangements. When this situation occurs, a Glastonbury child custody enforcement lawyer could help you protect your parental rights.

Various penalties and remedies may be available when parents fail to comply with these child sharing contracts. The assistance of a family attorney could be instrumental in your ability to enforce the custody and visitation schedule for the benefit of your children.

Why Might Somone Violate a Custody or Visitation Arrangement?

In some cases, noncustodial parents decide not to follow a custody and visitation schedule for various reasons. They may suspect abuse, feel that the current custody order is unfair, or wish to spend more time with their child. Regardless of the reasoning, failing to abide by these arrangements is a violation of a court order.

If parents want some aspect of a custody or visitation arrangement to change, they must petition the court. Furthermore, they must prove that a substantial change in circumstances warrants a modification of the order. A Glastonbury lawyer could help a parent take legal action if they are having an issue with the enforcement of their child custody agreement.

Defenses Against  Custody Order Violations

As the consequences of being found in contempt by the court can be severe, parents must take these allegations and court proceedings seriously. A proper defense to contempt proceedings is a necessity, especially when it comes to child custody and visitation matters.

If a parent did not knowingly or willfully violate a court order, this individual cannot be found in contempt. Additionally, repeated contempt citations can be part of a more extensive campaign to paint opposing parents in a poor light and reduce their custody and visitation rights. Enlisting the help of a Glastonbury child custody enforcement attorney could help a parent if they have been accused of violating the terms of an agreement.

Penalties for Violating a Court Order

Parents can enforce child custody and visitation orders by filing a petition for contempt of court. If a parent has intentionally and knowingly violated a court order, the judge has the option of holding them in contempt. If a parent seeking to enforce a custody or visitation order is successful, then this individual may request the payment of the attorney fees they incurred in enforcing the order.

In especially egregious cases, the court may order the parent in contempt to serve time in jail. Incarceration typically is only a penalty in cases in which parents have repeatedly refused to comply with various court orders.

Contact a Glastonbury Child Custody Enforcement Attorney

Whether you believe that your child’s other parent has violated your custody agreement or you are facing allegations of court order violation, effectively proving your case in either situation can be a challenging undertaking. A Glastonbury child custody enforcement lawyer could advise you of your rights and the options available that could resolve the challenges you are facing.

Determining the best course of action in your case can be complicated, especially when matters as critical as child custody and visitation are at stake. By getting legal advice about your situation, you may be able to make decisions that are best for you and your family. Legal counsel could assist you in weighing your options so that you have the information that you need to move ahead with your case. To learn how a member from our legal team could help you, call today.

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