Glastonbury Spousal Support Lawyer

One major part of any divorce decree is the question of spousal support or alimony. Either party may make a claim for alimony during a divorce, but spousal support is not an assumption. The purpose of a divorce is to leave both people on equal financial grounds moving forward in life, and an alimony order may be necessary to achieve this goal.

A Glastonbury spousal support lawyer could work with you to establish a fair alimony order during a divorce. Once hired, a knowledgable attorney could help you understand the legal requirements for alimony and make an argument for a fair order that best fits your needs.

The Purpose of Alimony

Family courts are courts of equity, which means that they have the goal of coming to decisions that are fair for both parties involved. In divorce cases, the objective of the court is to ensure that the end of a marriage places both parties on equal financial ground moving forward.

In situations where both parties have independent income before the divorce, this objective may come to fruition on its own. However, in circumstances where one party is financially dependent on the other, they may be unable to support themselves shortly after the split.

In this situation, courts can order one spouse to provide support to even out this economic disparity. A Glastonbury spousal support attorney could provide more information about when alimony may be appropriate.

What a Spousal Support Order Looks Like

While spousal support orders differ depending on the specific divorce, most share some common characteristics. The court usually orders one party to regularly pay the other a predetermined amount that stays the same for the length of the order. The court also sets a specific time period for which the order remains in effect, which depending on the circumstances could last for any number of years or the rest of the recipient’s life.

Determining the value of these payments and the length of the payment term is a key issue in spousal support hearings. According to C.G.S. §46b-82, the court must evaluate several factors in making this determination, including:

  • The reason for the end of the marriage
  • The ages of the parties
  • The earning capacity of the parties
  • The parties’ employability
  • The desirability of a parent working who has physical custody of children

A spousal support lawyer in Glastonbury could build an argument that persuades the court to grant a support order that best serves the needs of both parties.

Retain a Glastonbury Spousal Support Attorney

Enduring a divorce can be a chaotic time in your life, to say the least. In many instances, it can be difficult to imagine what your finances may look like after the marriage comes to an end. For some people, this can involve working a full-time job for the first time in years, while for others it can mean supporting a household with only one income.

A Glastonbury spousal support lawyer may be able to help you to fight for a fair alimony payment structure. A proper alimony order can affect your finances for the foreseeable future—let an attorney stand by your side as you pursue yours.

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