Glastonbury Child Support Lawyer

Parents have a legal and moral obligation to provide for the welfare of their children, and the state has the authority to ensure that parents uphold this obligation by instituting orders requiring child support. A parent may be eligible to receive child support payments if they have custody of a child or if that child lives with them.

A Glastonbury child support lawyer may be able to provide guidance and legal help concerning child support issues. A skilled attorney could work to ensure that the courts establish fair support orders and that both parents provide their portion of child support as required by law.

Determining Child Support Payments

When a couple decides to no longer live together, the question of custody and child support is often the primary consideration in family court. Because Connecticut General Statutes §45a-606 states that both fathers and mothers have equal rights and obligations concerning children, a court may require either parent to make payments in order to equalize the burden on parents when a couple separates and one party has a greater access to income than the other.

Establishing a proper child support payment in Connecticut involves the use of a mathematical formula, but this calculation can be complex. Courts in Glastonbury can use the state’s Child Support Guidelines, which compare the net income of both parents to the number of children the couple has to determine the basic child support obligation.

Using this obligation amount, the court evaluates the comparative income of both parents to determine each person’s share of the support obligation. A Glastonbury child support attorney could provide more information about child support obligations and how the courts calculate them.

Consequences of Failing to Pay Child Support

Support orders carry the full weight of the law, and a parent who fails to uphold their end of the bargain may face severe civil or criminal consequences. If a parent believes that the other has not met their obligations for child support, they may contact Child Support Enforcement.

This agency has the power to garnish wages, put liens on property, or to request that a family court hold a non-payor in contempt. These contempt orders can result in serious penalties, including a loss of a driver’s license or even a jail sentence.

A child support lawyer in Glastonbury could help defend parents accused of failing to make proper child support payments. They may also be able to help modify existing support orders before any potential non-payment to prevent these issues from arising in the future.

Get Help from a Glastonbury Child Support Attorney

A major part of the obligations divorced parents have to care for their children may be to provide child support in cases where they do not have primary custody of their children. However, there are situations where a judge may order payments that are greater or lesser than the state’s guideline amounts, as well as some that require modifying an existing support order.

If you are having difficulty paying your share of child support, it may lead to serious allegations of contempt in family court. A Glastonbury child support lawyer could help you fight for a fair child support order. Reach out today to discuss your case.

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