Glastonbury Collaborative Divorce Lawyer

Litigating a divorce can be expensive, and growing animosity between you and your spouse could be detrimental for your children. A Glastonbury collaborative divorce lawyer could help you save money and protect your children through a more amicable divorce process.

Although collaborative divorce is usually more amicable than a divorce trial, the outcome can still have a large impact on your finances and parental rights. An experienced divorce attorney could work to ensure that your rights are protected.

Understanding Collaborative Divorce

In a collaborative divorce, spouses agree to settle their divorce without extensive court involvement. Parties do not need to agree on every aspect of the divorce at the beginning of the case, but they do decide to exchange financial information and make efforts to settle their case outside of court. Each spouse should retain their own Glastonbury collaborative divorce attorney who can help them negotiate fair terms for the final settlement agreement.

Although minimal court involvement is needed in a collaborative divorce, under General Statutes of Connecticut §46b-44d a judge must approve any final divorce settlement. The judge will review any final agreement to make sure it is fair and equitable to each spouse. If a settlement includes provisions for the care and custody of children, the court must ensure that it is fair to the parents and suitable for the children under G.S.C. §46b-66. Once approved, the final settlement becomes an enforceable order.

Benefits of an Amicable Divorce in Glastonbury

Divorcing spouses who have maintained a civil or friendly relationship, but no longer wish to be married, may benefit from a collaborative divorce. The process could allow spouses to maintain a more amicable relationship, which could be especially beneficial for their children.

Collaborative divorce also tends to be less costly than litigating a case. Although a person may still wish to work with a Glastonbury divorce agreement lawyer, the attorney’s fees and expenses are often lower than when fighting a case in court.

Finally, the collaborative process may allow parties to control what happens to their assets and family. Instead of relying on the decisions of a judge, parties can make their own choices. Also, since a court’s schedule will not restrict the case, parties may be able to finalize their divorce in less time.

Risks Related to This Process

A person should take steps to ensure that final settlement terms are fair and fully understood. Final settlement terms become enforceable orders. These agreements can affect a person’s financial wellbeing and parental rights, so the advice and advocacy of a collaborative dissolution lawyer in Glastonbury may be critical.

Even if both spouses agree to a collaborative divorce, there is no guarantee that serious conflicts will not arise. One spouse may behave unfairly during negotiations, refuse to provide financial disclosures, or change their mind about reaching an agreement. Understanding legal counsel could help ensure a person is treated fairly during the collaborative divorce process and work to address issues as they arise.

A Glastonbury Collaborative Divorce Attorney Could Help Resolve a Case

Amicably settling a divorce case offers many benefits. You may be able to obtain a quicker, cheaper, and less stressful divorce. Maintaining a polite relationship with an ex-spouse can also be better for your children.

However, as with any legal matter, a collaborative divorce can have a major impact on your rights. A compassionate Glastonbury collaborative divorce lawyer could help you obtain a divorce agreement that will protect your needs in the future. Take the next step toward resolving your case by calling today.

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