Glastonbury Post-Judgment Motions Lawyer

Once a judge enters orders on a case, most people hope the fighting is over. However, conflicts can and do arise later. If one party is not following a court order, or if a prior order is no longer appropriate, a post-judgment motion may be necessary. Facing a post-judgment dispute is understandably frustrating, but a well-versed family law attorney could advocate for you.

Post-judgment cases are can be difficult and often involve a high level of conflict between parties. An experienced Glastonbury post-judgment motions lawyer could help you stand up for your rights.

Post-Judgment Motions to Modify Orders

Sometimes unforeseen circumstances mean that a prior judgment is no longer appropriate. When that happens, an attorney can help file a post-judgment motion.

Modifications to Custody Orders

Orders related to the care of children may require modification more often than other types of orders. A skilled Glastonbury lawyer could help a person file a motion with the court to modify custody orders.

The General Statutes of Connecticut §46b-56 allows the court to modify these orders. However, the court may only modify custody after considering the rights of both parents and the best interests of the child. Legal counsel could help a person determine whether they should request a modification.

Modifications of Support Orders

If a substantial change in circumstances occurs after the entry of a divorce decree, G.S.C. §46b-86 allows the court to modify spousal or child support. A Glastonbury post-judgment motions lawyer could further explain how to modify support.

Modifying support can be tricky, and the requesting party may need to present evidence to prove the change in circumstances. Additionally, a previous agreement between the parties could limit the court’s ability to modify spousal support.

Enforcing Orders in Glastonbury

Occasionally a person does not follow a court order. When this happens, the other party may be left wondering how to get the property, money, or parenting time that the court awarded them.

If one party fails to follow court orders to pay spousal support, transfer property, or follow orders related to child custody, they might be in contempt of court. A post-divorce motions lawyer in Glastonbury could fight for the other party’s rights by helping them file a petition for contempt of court. A person found in contempt of court could face a modification of orders, fines, or even jail time for their failure to comply.

Under G.S.C. §46b-87, the judge may order the losing party in a contempt action to pay the other party’s attorney’s fee. Therefore, a person considering a motion for contempt may wish to consult with experienced legal counsel for help.

A Glastonbury Post-Judgment Motions Attorney Could Help

Court orders should reflect your financial circumstances and serve the best interests of any affected children. When circumstances change or the other party refuses to comply with a judgment, you may need to file a motion with the court for relief.

Modifications and enforcement of judgments are possible, and these kinds of motions can protect your legal rights. However, the law on these matters is complex, and parties often have conflicting versions of events. A skilled Glastonbury post-judgment motions lawyer could help you present a strong case. Call today for help.

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