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In most cases where custody of a minor is called into question, it is in the best interest of the child to have a relationship with all of their legal guardians. If you are having trouble fighting for your legal right to parent your child, speak with a Glastonbury fathers’ rights lawyer. An experienced child custody attorney could protect your parental rights and fight for a fair outcome for all parties.

Establishing Paternity

Establishing paternity can be extremely important in cases where fatherhood is uncertain. Once either party determines paternity, it may give the father access to certain legal rights regarding custody and parenthood. State law allows either party to establish paternity through a formal written agreement or court-ordered DNA testing. A Glastonbury fathers’ rights attorney could assist someone during the process of confirming fatherhood.

Voluntary Acknowledgement

Unmarried parents have the option to establish paternity by signing a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity declaration. By signing this form, both parties acknowledge that one person is the child’s father for all legal purposes going forward.

Court Order

If one party refuses to sign a Voluntary Acknowledgement of Paternity, the other parent seeking to determine paternity may request mandatory DNA testing. State law allows not only the parents to seek DNA testing but also the child, another legal guardian, or the state department of social services.

Custody and Visitation

After a court establishes paternity, it may impose orders concerning custody and the father’s visitation rights. State law gives both parents the legal right to seek custody and visitation rights with their shared child. Courts generally make these decisions based on the best interests of the child.

When one parent denies their child’s father custody access, the court may require proof of paternity. For example, if one parent alleges that a father is not biologically related to their child, they may use this argument to take away his parental rights. A Glastonbury lawyer with experience in fathers’ rights cases could help someone fight for fair custody agreements and ample time with their child.

Child Support

Should a father be awarded primary custody of a child, they may have the legal right to seek financial support from the other parent. State law establishes that a child deserves to have access to the financial resources of both parents at all times – whether they are divorced or were never married. Therefore, a fathers’ rights attorney in Glastonbury could help someone build a case requesting financial support to supplement their caring capacity.

Contact a Glastonbury Fathers’ Rights Attorney Today

State law allows for all legal guardians to have equal parental rights and responsibilities. However, unfortunately, some parents fight over these rights and try to take them away. In these situations, it is best to contact a Glastonbury fathers’ rights lawyer. An attorney could help a father establish their paternity and protect their rights to their child. To learn more about your legal options to seek child custody and visitation rights, schedule an initial consultation.

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