Glastonbury Marital Agreements Lawyer

A marital agreement is an accord between two parties ratified before or during a marriage in the event of a potential future divorce. If you are considering forming such an agreement, you may need to consult with a Glastonbury marital agreements lawyer to ensure the contract you draft is comprehensive and enforceable.

Failing to a work with a skilled family attorney may leave you with unprotected assets or responsibility for previously unknown debts. With a dedicated legal ally at your side, you might protect your rights and pursue the best resolution for your situation more effectively.

When Marital Agreements May Be Necessary

The first thing to evaluate is whether a marital agreement is necessary. If neither party has any significant assets or children from previous relationships, they may not need to draft a marital agreement at all. However, if their situation changes significantly, like with an inheritance or a large change in finances, a marital agreement may be necessary.

Approaching a significant other about drafting a marriage agreement can be awkward and emotional. It may be wise to contact a Glastonbury attorney with experience in marital agreements to help evaluate if you need an agreement and, if so, strategize how to broach the subject.

Types of Marital Agreements

There are two types of marital agreements. One agreement occurs before the parties get married, while the other may be executed after a marriage has occurred. A qualified marital agreements lawyer in Glastonbury could look at a party’s finances, understand their goals, and help them prepare a reasonable and fair agreement for their circumstances.

Before Marriage

Many times, parties enter into prenuptial agreements when they have significant assets before marriage that they want to protect for themselves or their children from previous relationships. A prenuptial agreement could cover various subjects, like what might happen to assets, property, and debt distribution in the event of a divorce.

During Marriage

Postnuptial agreements are distinct from prenuptial agreements because they are drafted during instead of before the marriage. Sometimes, postnuptial agreements are triggered by a singular event like temporary separation, but they may also simply be a way for spouses to establish ground rules for property division and marital responsibilities. In addition to protecting the rights of the individuals in a divorce, postnuptial agreements can also be used to make the divorce process more manageable by dividing property and assets well in advance.

How a Glastonbury Marital Agreements Lawyer Could Help

If you are about to be married and have assets or dependents from a previous relationship, or if you have had a significant change in your current financial circumstances, you may want to get professional assistance when deciding how best to approach certain marital concerns. Depending on your circumstances, local legal counsel may be able to act as a crucial advocate on your behalf.

An experienced Glastonbury marital agreements lawyer could review your case and give you potential options to move forward. Call today to schedule a consultation and see what could be possible in your case.

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