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Adopting a child can be a joyous occasion, but this process can be confusing and stressful without a legal representative by your side. An experienced family law attorney could be your advocate and guide throughout this process so that you can focus on preparing for the new addition to your family. A Glastonbury adoption lawyer could answer any questions you may have about adopting a child and work through any legal barriers you may come across.

Termination of Parental Rights

For a child to be legally adopted, a court must terminate the parental rights of both birth parents. Termination of parental rights can occur when both birth parents place a child up for adoption or if a court determines that they are unfit to parent because of abusive or neglectful behavior. In both cases, the adoption process can be difficult. However, when the family court terminates parental rights, these cases often involve an especially lengthy court process.

When a court takes away parental rights, the judge must ensure that the adoption is in the child’s best interests. Additionally, under Connecticut General Statutes §45a-717(f) the birth parents must voluntarily consent to the adoption and fully understand that they are terminating their rights to parent their child. A Glastonbury child adoption attorney could help someone seeking parenthood understand the court process, and fight for their rights as an adopting parent.

Cooperative Postadoption Agreements

Under C.G.S. §45a-715(h), cooperative postadoption agreements refer to arrangements where either birth parent enters into an agreement with the adoptive parents to have certain ongoing rights that allow them to contact the child or adoptive family. These arrangments are also known as open adoptions.

The law allows open adoptions if a judge has not terminated the parental rights of either birth parent. Biological parents entering an open adoption must agree to terminate their rights voluntarily, and the agreement must be in the child’s best interests. The agreement must be executed by all parties, including both adoptive parents, and approved by the court. In cases where the child is older than 12 years, the child must also consent.

Terms of Postadoption Agreements

Cooperative postadoption agreements must contain statements from both the birth parents and the adoptive parents confirming that they understand their rights. Open adoption agreements may include terms regarding:

  • Communication between the child and their birth parents
  • Contact between the adoptive parents and the birth parents
  • Access to the birth parents’ medical histories for the benefit of the child

Postadoption arrangements can facilitate adoption and may also provide benefits to the child involved. Open adoption agreements may not be revocable, even if a member of either party violates the terms of the postadoption agreement.

However, both sets of parents can seek the enforcement of these agreements. A Glastonbury lawyer familiar with adoption cases could help prospective parents create a cooperative postadoption agreement that protects their rights to their adopted child.

Hire a Glastonbury Adoption Attorney for Help

If you are hoping to adopt a child, let a compassionate Glastonbury adoption lawyer help your family through this long yet rewarding process. You may have questions about what types of agreements may be right for your family or what your rights are as an adoptive parent. Call now to gain an advocate for your family.

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