Glastonbury Post-Divorce Disputes Lawyer

A variety of problems can arise even after a divorce is complete, and the outcome of these disputes could have a considerable impact on your family and finances. Legal disagreements that arise after a divorce can be frustrating, but a Glastonbury post-divorce disputes lawyer could help you work through these challenges. A skilled divorce attorney could review your case and be a powerful advocate who can fight for your rights.

Modification of Child Custody Orders

Circumstances that exist at the time of a divorce can change over time. A parenting plan that was in the best interests of a child may become outdated as they grow or as a family’s situation changes. Connecticut General Statutes §46b-56 allows a court to make modifications to custody orders after considering the rights and interests of both parents and the child.

Modification of custody rights can result in arguments between ex-spouses, and when a family court resolves these disputes one parent may be left with an unfair outcome. A Glastonbury post-divorce disputes attorney could help a divorcee resolve these disputes over custody orders and work to ensure that they maintain their parental rights.

Disputes Over Alimony and Support Orders

A judge may modify prior orders regarding alimony or child support under C.G.S. §46b-86 if the financial circumstances of either party have changed substantially since the divorce. A party seeking modification may need to show a significant change in circumstances, such as:

  • Long term loss of employment
  • A major change in parenting time
  • Significant changes in the health or disability status of a child or parent
  • A change in the living arrangement

A variety of factors could be grounds for a modification, but the party asking for the amendment must be able to convince the court that justification exists. A Glastonbury lawyer familiar with post-divorce arguments could help someone facing a possible divorce modification build an argument to ensure that they receive a fair outcome if they have experienced a change in their finances.

Enforcement and Contempt of Court

Disputes may arise after a divorce when one party refuses to follow court orders. An ex-spouse may:

  • Refuse to obey a court-ordered parenting schedule
  • Fail to include the other party in parenting decisions
  • Decline to make child support or alimony payments
  • Fail to transfer property or follow other terms of a divorce settlement

If someone finds themselves in any of these situations, they may need to seek enforcement of these orders from the court. A judge could help by ordering the transfer of property even if an ex-spouse is uncooperative.

A judge may also find that a person who has willfully refused to comply with court orders is in contempt. A person found to be in contempt of court may be required to pay fines or spend time in jail. A post-divorce disputes lawyer in Glastonbury could help someone work through these obstacles if their ex-spouse is violating the terms of an agreement or is in contempt of court.

How a Glastonbury Post-Divorce Disputes Attorney Could Help

You may be disappointed and angry when disputes and litigation continue after your divorce is final. However, legal remedies may be available to protect your rights after a divorce.

If there are unresolved legal conflicts between you and your ex-spouse, a Glastonbury post-divorce disputes lawyer could advocate on your behalf and work to achieve a desirable outcome. Call today to schedule a case consultation.

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