Glastonbury Child Support Modification Lawyer

The situation of either or both parents may change at any time in a way that makes it unreasonable or impractical to follow their current child support agreements. However, a parent cannot merely change a child support order on their own. The court must approve the petitioner’s requests to modify an existing agreement.

If you need help petitioning to alter your agreement, a Glastonbury child support modification lawyer could help. A seasoned child support attorney could guide you through the process of whether you are paying or receiving support.

State Law for Modifications

Under Connecticut General Statutes § 46b-86, the court may change a child support order if it determines that there has been a substantial change in circumstances for either party. Alternatively, a parent may be entitled to modification if a final agreement substantially deviates from the state guidelines.

This statute establishes a presumption that a deviation of more than 15 percent from the guidelines is significant enough to justify a modification. However, it is important to note that this option is unavailable if the court found that applying these guidelines would be inequitable or inappropriate. A child support modification lawyer in Glastonbury could determine whether a parent meets the legal presumption needed to alter an agreement.

Child Support Alterations Through the Court

Some parents may agree to a child support modification informally without involving the court system. Unfortunately, doing so does not legally alter an agreement. If both parents agree to adjustments but do not process that agreement through the court, the paying parent could suffer adverse consequences for failing to pay according to the official court order. In general, the only legal way to change a child support contract is to petition the court for a modification.

Justifications for Adjustments

Oftentimes, a substantial change in a parent’s life may make it more difficult for them to pay their child-raising expenses. Some examples of circumstances that may justify a change in a child support obligation include:

  • The child moving in with the parent paying child support
  • The income of the paying parent decreases
  • The income of the non-paying parent increases
  • The paying parent becomes ill or otherwise disabled and unable to work
  • Significant changes in the needs of the child, such as necessary medical care or special education costs

Some exceptions exist for these situations. For instance, if a parent’s income decreases because they quit their job voluntarily, the court may not lower their child-raising payments.
Likewise, if a parent willingly takes a lower-paying job when they had the option for a higher salary, they may be unable to decrease their financial obligations. If a parent wishes to modify their child support agreement, a Glastonbury lawyer could assess their situation and determine if they have a valid petition. Reach out to an experienced family lawyer today.

Consult with a Glastonbury Child Support Modification Attorney

Although parents have a legal obligation to support their children financially, circumstances change over time that may justify an alteration in their child support contract. By consulting a Glastonbury child support modification lawyer for advice, you could better understand the necessary steps to take to file a petition. To learn how one of our dedicated attorneys could be of assistance, call today.

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