Top 5 Divorce Considerations For The New Year

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It always feels like the first few days of the New Year consist of catching up after the chaos of the holidays. We spent that first week of January reflecting on last year and setting our own Personal, Professional, and Financial goals for 2019. During this time, we were struck by how many people were using the word GOALS instead of RESOLUTIONS as they focused on what they wanted in 2019. Maybe it’s a collective mind-shift, or this year’s buzz word, but we like it! There’s something about setting GOALS and working toward them one step at a time that sounds more practical and sustainable than the same old RESOLUTIONS that most people quit by February.

In working through the process of GOAL setting, we realized that our initial meeting with clients is very similar. You see, when someone begins the process of divorce, or goes through any steps of a family law case, it is critical to determine where that client wants to be and what THEY want. If we know where they want to be and what they want to achieve, we can analyze their case more effectively, help them make the right decisions, and put a solid legal plan in place.

Here are the TOP 5 DIVORCE CONSIDERATIONS that we address with our clients during our initial consultation.

  • HOUSING: Where will you live and how will you pay for it? If you have children, will they be affected by these changes? Do mortgages need to be refinanced? Will extra cash be needed for down payments, and first/last months rent?
  • ASSETS/DEBTS: Take inventory of what you have. Consider whether any of your assets/debts or those of your spouse are pre-marital, which may allow you to keep those assets from being divided or prevent you from taking on the pre-marital debt of your spouse.
  • CHILDREN: What’s in their best interest? How will you and your spouse communicate and make decisions? What will happen if you are unable to reach an agreement about educational, medical, or religious concerns? Finding a parenting plan that works for everyone and is good for your child is paramount.
  • BUDGET/FINANCIAL PLANNING: What does your financial future look like? People often have trouble moving past the present problems they face, but it’s important to focus on the future as soon as possible. Putting a plan in place to help you reach your financial goals should happen ASAP.
  • SELF CARE: How will you maintain your physical and mental health? What kind of support from family, friends, or even professionals will be needed? Consider therapy for your children as they experience change and feelings of uncertainty that are beyond their control.
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